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Daniel, my little one, has been fascinated lately with anything and everything that has to do with dinosaurs.


For several months now, he has been playing with, pretending to be, reading about and sometimes acting like a dinosaur. You seriously don’t want to be anywhere near us when he decides to give us an audio-visual presentation of a pterodactyl in action.

And if you recently stumbled into the books section of a thrift store in north America and couldn’t find any dino books – that would be his fault as well. In his defence I can state that letting him chose books on subjects he likes has really helped him become a better reader.

So we read a lot about dinosaurs lately, and learned some interesting stuff along the way. For Example that dinosaurs lived 245 million years ago.  And that they were extinct 65 million years ago.


Just think about that for a second – 65 million years. That’s a very very very long time ago.

Compared to that, my dear friends, not posting in my blog for a mere 2 years suddenly doesn’t seem like that much…

I’ll do my best not to get extinct again. And I’ll share some new creations real soon.




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We had a such a great long weekend…


The weather was finally right for spending a day with some friends at the lake, and we visited both Harrison hot springs, and our last years favourite spot – White Pine beach on Sasamat lake. There were sand castles, water guns, soccer games and just plain old running in every direction.


I think the boys finally believe that summer is almost here, and even pessimistic me was persuaded to get everyone new sandals…

Oh, and my rain cloud made it to the front page of Etsy with this beautiful treasury by saltwaterkids


isn’t it pretty? Check out her blog too, while you’re here…

Hope your weekend was a good one!

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Writing about food doesn’t come naturally to me.

I don’t consider the kitchen to be my stronghold, and that’s putting it very mildly…

But these are so worth the exception:


When I lived in Oslo, more years ago than I’d care to admit, every Saturday morning we would walk down a couple of blocks to the neighbourhoods bakery/coffee place, arm ourselves with a few fresh loaves for the week, and then sit down to have coffee with scones and the best home-style strawberry jam I have ever tasted.

Try as I might, I never found equally good scones, with the same crumbled texture, and that just-so sweet taste again. After many tries of so called scones at other bakeries, I gave up.

But yesterday I picked a copy of Molly’s book from the library, and there was this recipe for Scottish scones. A quick search on her blog, and I got a photo that looked very much like the scones I craved for, and a recipe that sounded easy enough for even the kitchen challenged me to try out.

My little ones cooperated by waking up at 7 today, instead of the horrible 5:30 which my youngest thinks is a good time to start the day lately. So I was in good spirits, and ready for kitchen experiments. I ended up making the blog version, and used raisins.

For some reason mine didn’t rise very well, but they were still so good, and so easy to make that I’ll be trying many more variations in the near future. And they taste very much like the scones I remembered, so finally my craving was satisfied.



Have a great weekend everyone!

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No, not the number of months since my last post here – that would be 4…


It’s my boy, my oldest, and he turned 5 today.

Which is somewhat scary, because even with my poor memory, I have quite a few memories from that age.

No more “… Oh, it’s fine, he’s just a kid and he won’t remember any of it …”.

From now on, everything I do can and (no doubt) will be used against me one day.

Oh well – let’s go get some toys than, and a photo with the birthday crown mama made you. I want a good seniors home, you hear me?!

Cheers everyone!

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When it rains…

It floods.

Our basement that is.


I guess that’s the downside of living in a neighbourhood surrounded by so many trees. Apparently tree roots clogged the rain drainage system somewhere, and so we woke up one morning to find our own private lake, right in our own basement.

I guess I should have seen this one coming though, with all the cloud making going around here! :D

It’s all better now, and hopefully we’ll be getting nicer carpets downstairs now, the previous one was worn out anyway…

Anyway – New clouds are in the store now, and I hope to list a few more next week too.


Have a great weekend everyone – we will be busy celebrating a very important third birthday. He was eagerly awaiting this day since summer, and he was promised that with the snow, his birthday shall arrive as well. And what do you know – it started snowing this morning!


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Time passes so quickly, and I have been away from this space for much longer then I expected. 

There have been many changes to our schedule, with the little ones now attending preschool and part time daycare.  It was a welcomed change, but it took a lot of adjustments, especially on my side. We have settled in our new routines now, and I’m beginning to feel the urge to go back to my sewing machine again. Soon, I hope.

Fall trail by you.

Meanwhile, I kept myself busy by exploring my new Nikon D90.

I don’t remember exactly how this nonsense about buying a new camera began, but it ended with a swift trip to the mall to get one… 

Fall fun... by you.

We were lucky enough to get a few dry days last week, and enjoyed ourselves in the sea of fallen leaves. The boys were having a blast, and I got to test my new toy!

Fall fun... by you.

Enjoy the season everyone…

Fall fun... by you.

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Exploring close to home,

And further away…




It’s all very, very good.

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