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I’m currently quite excited about making my own clothes. It’s funny because as little as one year ago, I would have told you that taking the time and the effort to sew something I can easily buy in the nearest mall is silly. But now, although I do enjoy shopping for clothes, I’m also fascinated about the process of taking a flat piece of fabric  and turning it into something that can be worn.

For every thing there is the right time I guess…

The thrifting gods seem to be playing along nicely. Last week I came back from an estate sale with a small pile of patterns. I chose an easy-to-sew peasant top: 


The pattern, in case you care for such details, is Simplicity 5620, which I believe is out of print by now. I used a light weight cotton shirting fabric, very warm weather friendly.

I think I’m heaving some personality issues, since I choose to make these loose fitting tops, only to decide later on that they are too loose on the back, followed by some cursing and spitting while trying to remedy the situation.


Anyway, after adjusting the back, I added the stem with leaves applique to personalize it a little.

Which in turn got me thinking about a new pillow design for the shop, and so this cushion cover was born.


Now I’m going to find more loose-but-not-too-loose patterns to play with….


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Kids are kept busy by their grandparents.

Fabrics is piling up to the ceiling.

I have a new sewing machine on my desk (Bernina 153 QE, purchased on eBay).

Isn’t it time to make things?

Yes… I’m making rain clouds again….

I know the calendar says it’s summer, but we still get quite a lot of rain here. And I dug into my thrifted fabrics for all the yellowish fabrics, because yellow goes well with summer.

So – to the shop they’ll go, hopefully during this weekend.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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… And we couldn’t be happier about it.

It seems that the sun is here more often these days, and we’re doing our best to enjoy it!

So what have we been up to the last weeks?

The boys picked up this book from the library, and we had fun with some of the ‘experiments’, like inflating balloons with baking soda and vinegar, and painting with salt:


We have been busy learning new skills…


And re-learning old and forgotten ones…

The only thing I remember from my knitting lessons in elementary school, is that I knitted something very vibrant blue. I had no memory what so ever of learning to crochet, until in our latest visit to Israel I found some hooks and yarn, at which point I had a vision of a flimsy, poorly shaped crocheted table cloth. ahhm.

I was very surprised then to learn that while my conscious brain had deleted every memory that had to do with hooks, needles and yarn, something survived. And that while my first attempts to follow written directions failed miserably, If I just let my fingers do their own thing, they did remember – and there they were – stitches miraculously forming on my needles.

Not entirely brain dead then – very good.

I’ve since found some better books, and I’m very slowly practicing what to me seems more like an exercise in relaxation then a new craft. But I do mean that in a good way.

My latest toy:

A vintage singer sewing machine (model 329) found in a thrift store, all metal, nice and clean, with a little note saying “tested- working”.

I couldn’t stop myself. It is indeed working, and even has a manual, extra bobbins and a bunch of feet to match. I never had so many feet to play with before!!! neither did the kids – so everybody is very happy with my new-old machine.

What did you say? using my sewing machines to actually make something?? No – no time for that right now, and some lack of energy too. But in about month from now, my parents will be here, and I’m getting ready for much more sewing time…

BTW – I came across several Japanese craft books dedicated to knitting lately, and since my skills are nowhere near deciphering knitting instructions in Japanese, and my goals for the next couple of years only go as far as knitting some simple scarves, those books went straight to my Etsy shop, where you can still find 3 of them.

Have a great week everyone!

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I finally set down to make myself an new oven mitt and a matching pot holder, to replace the old, greasy store made ones I had before.

Entirely recycled out of an old pair of jeans, vintage kitchen curtains from an estate sale and lined with an old thrift store wool blanket (same one used here).

The mitt was loosely based on a pattern from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing.

Not much else to report here, we were mostly busy with wiping noses the last week, as cold viruses skipped and hopped around us. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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Back in the time when I lived in Oslo, I was taught that if your birthday is a beautiful sunny day, it is because you were very good that year. This is what we woke up to this morning:

The boys didn’t mind – no rain means an opportunity to run around outside, fog or no fog.

But by the time our errands were done, It already changed into this:

Have I been good, or what?

We were able to take off our coats, and take a long, very slow and lazy walk outside, taking in every possible bit sunshine. I didn’t even know I missed this so much.

Then a short stop at the thrift store yielded this:

And this:

This was a very good double-sweet-sixteen birthday.

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Recently thrifted


Found this little bowl in the thrift store this week, and couldn’t resist the green leaves amidst all the grey outside… 

I know I’ve seen this pattern before, on somebody else’s blog (or was it on flicker?), but can not remember where.

Anyway – me likes.

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I have actually seen many Japanese mugs in the thrift store before, but I managed to hold off instead of starting yet another collection. It’s the cute blue ones that did it – how could i just walk by? how could i leave them there on the shelf? I’m not strong enough for that sort of things. And since i bought these two, I had to buy the three other mugs they had as well. So another collection it is.

Enjoy your weekend!

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