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Everyone else seem to be making these, and they always turn out so pretty, I just had to make my one for me…

Fabric Birthday Bunting by you.

I don’t have pinking sheers, so I zigzagged close to the edges instead. I used vintage pillowcases in yellow and blue for the prints, natural linen for the solids, and vintage polyester knit for the letters applique.

Fabric Birthday Bunting by you.

I was dreaming about hanging it outside, where it would be visible from both sides, but I don’t think the weather is going to cooperate with my grand birthday picnic plan.

So I’ll just have to hang it inside, and flip it every 30 minutes or so.


Yes. perfect plan!


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No, not the number of months since my last post here – that would be 4…


It’s my boy, my oldest, and he turned 5 today.

Which is somewhat scary, because even with my poor memory, I have quite a few memories from that age.

No more “… Oh, it’s fine, he’s just a kid and he won’t remember any of it …”.

From now on, everything I do can and (no doubt) will be used against me one day.

Oh well – let’s go get some toys than, and a photo with the birthday crown mama made you. I want a good seniors home, you hear me?!

Cheers everyone!

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