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Time passes so quickly, and I have been away from this space for much longer then I expected. 

There have been many changes to our schedule, with the little ones now attending preschool and part time daycare.  It was a welcomed change, but it took a lot of adjustments, especially on my side. We have settled in our new routines now, and I’m beginning to feel the urge to go back to my sewing machine again. Soon, I hope.

Fall trail by you.

Meanwhile, I kept myself busy by exploring my new Nikon D90.

I don’t remember exactly how this nonsense about buying a new camera began, but it ended with a swift trip to the mall to get one… 

Fall fun... by you.

We were lucky enough to get a few dry days last week, and enjoyed ourselves in the sea of fallen leaves. The boys were having a blast, and I got to test my new toy!

Fall fun... by you.

Enjoy the season everyone…

Fall fun... by you.


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