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Buying from an Etsy seller who is also a Blogland friend, of course…


Thank you so much Julia, I absolutely love all the wonderful things you sent. It was even worth the complete melt down my little ones experienced when they learned that this package was actually not for them…

I may be persuaded to frame some of the postcards for their room though…


If you haven’t done so by now, visit lineanongrata – she’s so good.


I also wanted to show my latest Japanese fabric, from alittlegoodness:



When am I ever going to get the courage to cut into these lovelies, I honestly can’t tell…

And more rain clouds!

 New rain clouds... by you.

I’m very happy to tell you that my little rain clouds will now also be available at Craftsbury Kids! Many pretty things there, and my page can be found right here.

You can still find them in my shop too…

Have a great weekend!

summer fun by you.



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I bought a patio set, about two week ago.

I must say, I was pretty sure It would rain the next day, just to spoil my plans of having a few meals outside. Instead, there was a very sunny week, with several meals (and morning drawing sessions) outside.

July rain by you.

And then came the rain…

July rain by you.

You can’t blame Vancouver for the lack of opportunities to practice rain photography…

My parents are leaving in a couple of days, which means the end of my extended summer vacation. So it was time to finish some projects that were on my desk for a very long time now. Like new pillows for the shop…

Cushions set by you.

I’m very happy about theses, as they turned out exactly as I imagined them.

Cushions set by you.

I used vintage polyester knits for the applique. I’ve been collecting these fabrics for about a year now. I love the patterns they add to the design, and the fact that they don’t fray when cut.

Squirrel mini  pillow by you.

I even managed to overcome my fear of cutting into my Japanese fabrics!

Pillows can now be found in the shop

And speaking about shops, I decided to have a separate Etsy shop for unloading my overflowing supplies, books patterns etc. It can be found right HERE.

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