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It doesn’t feel much like spring or break around this household lately…  With everybody sick again (and again…) we’re mostly staying indoors, and avoiding transferring our precious germs to friends.  The last days were so bad, we even got some medical advice, and now both of our children are heavily drugged. 

Staying at home also means the boys have a lot of fighting over EVERY POSSIBLE THING, so moments of pure joy together are truly appreciated:


During little D’s nap time, we are now enjoying Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals, borrowed from the library after reading about it here.  I’m very happy with this book – Its been a long time since Ron was that interested in drawing, and he really enjoys it now.

After drawing the giraffe, he felt confident enough to draw our little space shuttle,

And then both drawings were folded into envelopes and mailed away to grandparents.  They better like them!

Happy Easter everyone, and away you go evil germs!


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