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I finally set down to make myself an new oven mitt and a matching pot holder, to replace the old, greasy store made ones I had before.

Entirely recycled out of an old pair of jeans, vintage kitchen curtains from an estate sale and lined with an old thrift store wool blanket (same one used here).

The mitt was loosely based on a pattern from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing.

Not much else to report here, we were mostly busy with wiping noses the last week, as cold viruses skipped and hopped around us. 

Enjoy your weekend!


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The fabric I used is a Harris Tweed cloth (which I later learned was hand woven in Lewis, Scotland).


It was purchased in a garage sale last winter, in my normal state of mind: buy first, think-how-to-use later….

So it was waiting patiently at the bottom of my fabric shelf until I ran into it again when moving my sewing room upstairs. And there, with all the mess of fabric scattered on the basement floor, waiting to be refolded and replaced on new shelves, a match was made: heavy, warm, tweed, with bright applique flowers.


I like this combination. I made two versions so far, one of them you can still find here.

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Back in the time when I lived in Oslo, I was taught that if your birthday is a beautiful sunny day, it is because you were very good that year. This is what we woke up to this morning:

The boys didn’t mind – no rain means an opportunity to run around outside, fog or no fog.

But by the time our errands were done, It already changed into this:

Have I been good, or what?

We were able to take off our coats, and take a long, very slow and lazy walk outside, taking in every possible bit sunshine. I didn’t even know I missed this so much.

Then a short stop at the thrift store yielded this:

And this:

This was a very good double-sweet-sixteen birthday.

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What could be better then buying Japanese craft books, you ask?  Borrowing them from your public library of course! I found a bunch of books in the Vancouver library, and enjoyed them a lot, without my wallet complaining.

So here’s the first one:

Simple stitch life, ISBN 4579111036

It has very nice and clean embroidery designs, done on bags, scarves, tea towels, etc.




Book cover:

Mini album:

If you’d like to borrow this book, here’s the link from the Vancouver public library’s web site.

BTW – I have a few other Japanese craft books for sale in my shop!

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Recently thrifted


Found this little bowl in the thrift store this week, and couldn’t resist the green leaves amidst all the grey outside… 

I know I’ve seen this pattern before, on somebody else’s blog (or was it on flicker?), but can not remember where.

Anyway – me likes.

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Did 7 weeks really went by without me posting anything here?

I wish I could blame the kids for making time fly so fast, but I’m painfully aware of the fact that my time management skills weren’t so great to begin with…

So anyway, here’s the short update on how we spent the last weeks:

We went on our annual Christmas season visit to the Burnaby Village Museum, and spent a very nice evening there.

Then we visited Seattle for a short family vacation. The trip was tailored to fit the little ones, and it was really good fun for everyone involved. We visited the Children’s Museum, the Pacific Science Canter, Seattle Aquarium, and even the very child friendly Seattle Art Museum. The fact that we could easily drive to Seattle instead of buying 4 plane tickets, made the whole thing even better, and I think it’s safe to assume we will visit the area again and check out more attractions (like the music/sci-fi museum and the Museum of Flight).

And then there was this silly promise I made to myself, that – since this is a crafty blog – I should actually try to make something before my next post… I did manage to finally craft a new bag for the shop this week, but no more promises of that kind for me!

A teeny tiny fraction of my time also seems to be consumed by a certain someone who needs to demonstrate the fact he has indeed turned two, and also by his older brother who thinks that just because I brought him into this world, I should also actually be parenting him (the nerve!).

Staying indoors does not improve the situation, so we were very happy to have some days of snow play.

Oh, and I also used some of my time to move my sewing room out of the dark, window-deprived basement room, and into the spare bedroom upstairs. Which means that when I do manage to walk in there during the early hours of the morning, the sun and the trees outside might make my wall look like this:

Which I really like, even if it doesn’t magically create more time for me to sew…

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