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But we missed the first snow of the season when we were away, and now it looks like we’ll have to do with our paper cut flakes:

paper flales

The patterns are from this site, and although not very preschooler friendly – the kids can at least unfold the cut flakes.

And now for some shopping, that was done on the above mentioned trip to Israel. I didn’t buy much, knowing my shelves are already overstuffed, and that my balance is currently heavily tilted towards the buying part in the buying and making equation. So hopefully posting some photos will help me get myself off the chair, and back to the sewing machine.

buttons buttons

These were purchased at the beginning of our trip, in a tiny store dedicated almost entirely to buttons. I remember in the past there were more of them around, but now it’s the only shop I found in my hometown (Netanya), idyllically nestled between the sex-shop and the electronics repair lab…. And I even got a few samples for the kids.

Beside buying buttons, I also found my old buttons box, which contained some older buttons from my mother and grandmother, and received some more buttons from my cousin.

old buttons old buttons

There was also one trip to Nachlat Binyamin in Tel-Aviv, a street known for its MANY fabric stores, and the arts and crafts market taking place twice a week. There was indeed much fabric to be found – every other store sells fabric, with some sewing notions stores to match. luckily I was joined by a good friend, with her 5 month old daughter, so I could only spend a couple of hours there.

I added some more linen to my stash:


And some printed corduroy too:


I purchased this ceramic bowl at the craft market:


And this one is just gorgeous, and is my absolute favourite:


I might be a little biased here, since it was made by daddy’s cousin, but I think she’s very talented. She also made these:


I think we have enough photos for one day, non?

Have a good weekend everyone!


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Well then. After a whole week of dealing with two severely jet-legged kids, which means starting our days between 2 to 4 am every day, I think it’s time to face the music: that’s the way it is, that’s the way it will be from now on to eternity, and I might as well get over it and move on to more interesting things.

Like how good our visit to Israel actually was. There was this:

Plenty of sun, even enough to visit the beach, which the kids LOVE. You see, unlike the 4 seasons in Vancouver, Israel has only two: (very) hot summer, and cool summer interrupted by brief periods of rain, which the locals refer to as “winter”. For us this means that, while Israelis put on their sweaters and coats, we can have the beaches all to ourselves. So for a few days we had slightly puzzled taxi drivers take us to play with sand, get our feet wet, collect shells, eat ice cream – all the things we didn’t get enough of due to the very wet summer here.

There was a lot of just playing outside in the sun, often helped by enthusiastic grandparents who were more then happy to take the boys to every playground in sight.

And then there were all the things I don’t have photos to show for: meeting with good friends and family, enjoying some time out sans-kids (did I mention grandparents yet?), celebrating the holidays together, and some shopping to make things even better (more on that next time).

So how can I get upset about a few missing hours of sleep? there are better things to think about, even if they do seem a little blurred at the moment…

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